It was a rainy weekend for us and boy am I happy about that.
My garden is grateful too.
After days of high heat and humidity, the constant drizzle and rain over the past 2 days has really perked up the veggies.

I am amazed that we're still enjoying asparagus from our garden.
We've cut quite a bit from a patch that is only into year #2.
Can't wait to see what next year brings!

Speaking of the garden, Meg at Bit of Life blogged a couple of weeks ago about squash beetles.
Have you dealt with these awful things?
The last 2 years my cukes, melons AND squash have been hit by them.
This year, as you can see in the photo above, I've used floating row covers.
They'll be removed when the plants begin flowering.
The idea is to use them to get your plants strong and healthy enough to withstand the squash beetles sucking the life {literally} from them.
This Fall we'll also be turning the chickens loose in the garden to hopefully eat any remaining larvae.

Mama Claire {who is STILL broody} has discovered the delectable taste of raw eggs.
Yup.  She's breaking into the shells.
Thursday when I came home from work she was covered in raw egg and quite happy to pull her feathers out while enjoying her afternoon snack.
Oh boy.
I don't believe there's a way to break this nasty habit.
If any of you know of something to try, please let me know.

Good news!
We've been able to pick and enjoy our own strawberries this year.
So far the chippies and birds have only sunk their teeth and beaks into 2 strawberries.
Apparently the bird netting is working.  {last year we only enjoyed 2 strawberries as the chipmunks and birds devoured the rest}

Oliver and Emerson have decided they are now officially "big boys" and no longer need to be carried down the stairs.
What a relief!
I think it was our recent stay at the B&B that helped with this.
After a few days of 2 flights of stairs to and from our room, they had it mastered.

Since I couldn't work in the yard or garden, my weekend consisted of working in the kitchen.
I made Taco Soup for lunches since the weather was wet and cool.
I baked BBQ Pork Spareribs for dinner last night as well as homemade mac and cheese and asparagus from the garden.
I made a fresh Strawberry Tart with our berries from the garden.  This has a delicious shortbread crust. 
I'll try to post the tart recipe this week.
I made more Rhubarb Quick Bread {recipe here}, Cinnamon Swirl bread to enjoy throughout the week, homemade granola to enjoy with yogurt we purchase from a local farmer, and pasta salad for our lunches this week. 
Tonight I'll be making Chicken Parm.

What about you, how was your weekend?


texwisgirl said...

oh dear. good luck with the cannibal chicken...

mountain mama said...

ohhh...your weekends always sound so wonderful!!! love all the veggies ur getting.

we used to have a chicken who liked to peck the eggs...very messy! i don't remember what we did about it though.

hope you have a great week staci!!