Hi, My Name Is Jackson Pigpen

This is the post I imagine Jackson would write.....if he was able to do so.

Hi.  My name is Jackson but my family also calls me "pigpen" and "trouble".
I don't think that's nice.
My mom tells me I'm called pigpen because I'm always dirty and stinky.
I like playing in the sandbox.
Mom tells me it's for going to the bathroom, but she obviously has never played in it before.  If she had, she'd see how much fun it is.
She tells me I'm called trouble because I seem to be attracted to it.
I don't think that's true.

I love the bathtub.
Mom says Cait used to love it too.
I lay in there after someone takes a shower.
Once in a while I'm in there when the shower is turned on.
That scares me, but I think it's pretty fun.

I don't mind getting baths, but I think I get them too often.
I feel like I just get dry and mom says "Jackson, bath time".
I say "Oh my dog!  I just HAD a bath!!"
She doesn't seem to care.

My brothers are crazy and I love playing with them.
I chase them and they chase me.
We go pretty fast around the dining room table.
Mom and dad tell me they like this because it wears them out.

I love to play with glasses.  You know, the kind you drink from.
I especially like it when the glass is full.
I like to tip them over and watch the liquid run over the furniture.
My mom or dad yells "JACKSON!!!" because they think it's fun too.
They want to come and watch it with me, so I tell them that they are very welcome.

My sister can be grouchy.
Sometimes she's in a good mood, but most of the time she's not.
She hisses and spits.
I like to try and put her in a good mood, so I jump on her from behind and grab her around the neck.
She doesn't act like she's having fun but I know she really is.

I love to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper.
My brothers like it when I do this.
Mom doesn't.
I also love to hang from the blinds.
It makes me feel like a gymnast and I like to show off for my brothers.
Mom doesn't like that either.

My mom tells me my brothers are scared of me.
This makes me feel pretty good.
When I go in and lay on their "big boy bed" with them, they get up and leave like their pants are on fire.
If they wore pants.
I don't know why.  All I do is give them hugs and scratch their backs.
Within seconds I get the bed to myself so I stretch out as far as I can.
Dad says I'm bragging.
I am.

I like watching for birds and I'm a master bug catcher.
That's what dad says.
I can hear a bug anywhere in the house and I pounce on it until dad gets there to get it.
Dad says we make a good team.

More things I enjoy are:
I love to be petted and held on my back.
I love to play with my parents in their bed at 2a.m. (biting their toes is what they love the best)
I think food is more enjoyable when you've spilled it on the floor first.
I also think my water dish is a swimming pool.
I love to help my brothers eat their breakfast and dinner.
I like to supervise my mom when she puts dishes away.
I love to sleep with my brothers in their crate.
Paper is for shredding.  All paper - books, receipts, notes, etc.
I love to entertain my family.

That's me!


Meg said...

Hehe! Oh goodness that was adorable. Funnily enough, this sounds like my youngest could have written this too! Lol!

Cindy said...

Aren't kittens fun? Great blog post!


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Well Meg, I'd say you're youngest is pretty funny then, because Jackson sure is. :-) Yes Cindy, they are fun (a handful, but fun).

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I loved this post, because it reminds me of why felines were my very first love!!! ....don't tell the pups, it's a secret!

HAZEL said...


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Ha! Hazel you are so right. There are moments we look at each other and say, "what were we thinking????" But so many more moments that we are amused and enjoying them. :-) Kim.....your secret is safe with me!

mountain mama said...

so stinkin' cute!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

too precious! and terror-filled! ha!

'oh my dog!' loved that!

Diane said...

Very cute. Remember the kitten we found almost two weeks ago. She has made herself right at home. Our three dogs and two cats have seem to accepted her with very little hoopla. I'm thinking she is staying.

Danni said...

Oh, I love Jackson! Sounds like he's got one huge personality. He'd fit in well around here with my crew. lol
Please pass on my compliments on his writing style. Very funny!

janice15 said...

What a wonderful and refreshing blog post..he must be something else...It made me laugh and smile much...I love cats and dogs and all animals..My cat stays with mom and she is something else as well..she is now three and always checking the bags that come in and out the house. and then tries to sit in them..her name is sprinkles but we call her fat cat cause after getting fixed she has grown largely...adorable story..I loved it. thank you for sharing.

Rural Revival said...

Hi Jackson,

I know a certain little red head that I think you would get along with rather swimmingly.

On second thought, I think that would be just too much trouble in one room.

~Andrea : )