Humidity and Rain.
There, that sums up the weekend.
I realize this sounds extremely whiny, and I'm sorry, I'm just ready for summer to be over already.
I'm tired of sweating while performing mundane tasks and I'm very tired of air conditioning.
The leaves are changing and it's getting darker earlier, so where is Fall???

All-in-all, despite my complaints, it was a good and productive weekend.
I'm still getting a bowl full of green beans every 2-3 days.
What few winter squash have survived my bug infestation are looking Fall-ish.
Is that a word?
I wanted so badly to cook Fall/football watching food, but it was just too hot to enjoy it.

Jay is coming along with the back deck.  You can somewhat see where the old deck ends.
The stairs will stay and we're thinking of adding a small gate to keep the boys on the deck.
Lattice will go around the bottom and then some lovely plants.
Next year for the lattice and plants.
Next year we'll also extend the small roof above the deck to cover the stairs so they will no longer get icy.
That will be VERY nice!

We're getting ready to paint the house too.
We've settled on a brown for the body and cream and barn red for the trim colors.
Home Depot had a paint sale over the weekend, so the paint has been purchased.
No changing our minds now!!

The chickens are doing well.
Kathy seems to be sick with a possible upper respiratory infection, so we are giving her some chicken med's.
I'll treat the rest with Vet RX just in case.  It's a liquid herbal supplement that I've found works well as a preventative, but not so effective once they're actually sick.

Jackson stole $17.00 from me on Thursday.
I had $19.00 on the counter and I went outside to check in with the chickens.
I didn't notice the money missing when I came back in until I saw him taking off with a receipt.
I followed him, and there was $17.00 behind the pellet stove.
He must be saving up for his Christmas gifts.
Hope I get something nice!!

Oliver and Emerson are doing well.
They are clean boys - Sunday was bath day.  Whoo hoo!
Emerson has somehow discovered the yummy flavor of tomatoes and tries to steal them from my plants.
Naughty boy.
Cait is doing well.
I think she's getting used to the daily torture from Jackson.

It's a busy end of Summer/start of Fall for us.
How about you?  What are you finishing up or just getting started?


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I LOVE your house and want to see more!! The colors you picked will look great!! And a covered deck is my dream too, nice deck!

from maggie's farm said...

I'm envious of your humidity and rain. We're literally burning up here in Central Texas and I haven't been getting squat from our plants. Peppers still hanging in, though, and to that end, I'll make some pepper jelly tomorrow.
Can't wait to see how the colors look on the house!

margaret christine
notes from maggie's farm

mountain mama said...

can't wait to see what it looksl ike painted, sounds like you chose amazing colors!!!

Meg said...

You can send the rain here, if you'd like. Keep the humidity though. ;)

Love your pumpkin, the deck and the Cat Burglar! What a hilarious kitty.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Looks like your new deck is coming right along!! We have a screened in porch AND the patio. Spend many hours out there during the spring and fall.