Well, Fall has finally made it's way to upstate New York.  The air is crisp and I even wore a sweatshirt yesterday.  It sure made me happy.  The weekend flew by as all days seem to be doing lately.  I dream of the days when we exhaust ourselves everyday working on our farm.  Our someday larger farm.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job and all but it's just not the same feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.  I relish caring for the animals, digging in the garden and slaving over the stove as I make homemade goodies and staples from scratch.

I didn't seem to accomplish a lot at home this weekend.  I have big plans for next weekend though - clean the house, clean the dogs and cats, bake bread {including some for the freezer}, make butter {getting close to running out from last month}, make granola, make yogurt {for the granola} and make Pumpkin Cream Cheese Quick Bread.  Maybe Apple Crisp too.  Yum!  I'd also like to take the dogs into town or the park for a walk or two as well as clean out the outdoor chicken coop.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law came over for dinner one night last week.  Apparently Jackson must have thought they doubted his well earned reputation for being a Kleptomaniac and decided to prove the rumor was true.  We were sitting around the dining room table, chatting after dinner, and in true Jackson fashion we heard a rumpling of paper.  I went into the kitchen to see what he'd gotten into and lo and behold he was carrying off cash and a receipt from my sister-in-law's handbag.  The little thief was busted.  We laughed at what a character he is and kicked him out of the kitchen.  Tired of his fun being ruined he headed upstairs and decided to rearrange the decor.  Flying down the stairs comes him and his designated upstairs bed.  He moved it into the dining room.  Later that night I took it back upstairs, and he promptly brought it back down.  I brought it back up, and he brought it back down.  It remains in the dining room since that's the only place he's happy with it.

We're down to eggplant, peppers, lettuce, cauliflower, beets, carrots, onions and green beans left in the garden.  We may have the first frost later in the week so I'll be covering my little treasures, hoping to salvage them.  As delicate as pepper plants are I'm not convinced they'll make it through but I'll certainly try.  The ground is covered with beautiful Fall leaves and most of the flowers are going to seed.

Hoping you all had a comforting weekend.


TexWisGirl said...

your pets definitely have a lot of character. love 'em.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Staci,
What a hoot your dogs are...funny how they have a mind of their own and different personalities. I can't believe how much you have in your garden way up there...we got NOTHING this year other than a few cherry tomatoes and one deformed larger tomato and that's it. The tomato plants are HUGE and have blossoms but just are NOT producing this year. It's happening all over Kansas and other places as well. Last year I had tons of tomatoes up into November so this is really strange. We also tilled under our corn and green beans and squash because of bugs! Between that and the drought we're still having this has been a very bad year for the farm. Good luck saving your peppers...I hope you're able to enjoy your produce for a while. Have a great week.
Maura :)

Meg said...

That picture is just perfect! One of my favorite parts of fall - pumpkins!

Your kitty is so hilarious. Makes me want to come steal him! ;)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I hope you will share that recipe for pumpkin cream cheese bread, sounds yummy!

Diane said...

Wow that will be alot of baking. I need to get in the same mind set. Lots of eggs in the fridge that needs to be turned into something. Jackson is hilarious. What a funny character. In our garden we are growing the fall crop of greens and the small potatoes that were left in the ground are growing a second crop of potatoes. We will see if they actually have time to grow before the first frosts.

mountain mama said...

that's too funny! :D

Rural Revival said...


I know exactly what you mean, although it may be stretching it to say I love my job, I so yearn to be at home and being self-sufficient. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction being able to meet the needs of my family and I.

What a character you have there! Kittens are just so much fun. : )
(Although I might deny saying that at 4:30 some mornings!)

Love your photo! Those soft coloured gourds are precious.


myletterstoemily said...

i wasn't sure, at first, if your menagerie
were children or pets. either way they
seem like a lovely sort to have around.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, our pet babies are quite the personalities!!! I am blessed with wonderful "kids". :)

Erin said...

Sorry...just noticed you live in New York state, not in our cobble hill. I live on Vancouver island off the west coast of Canada. We have a little town up island called cobble hill. I just assumed. So ignore my ramblings. :-)