Jackson, a.k.a. "Mr. Trouble" - More About Me

For those of you that would like to find out a little more about our man Jack, here's a sampling as I would imagine he would tell it.

I have a whole list of favorite things, but sleeping, eating, causing trouble, eating, listening to my name yelled, eating, chasing my sister and brothers, oh, and eating, are some of the top things.

My mom tells me I'm a cat but I think she's wrong.  I tell her I'm a French Bulldog like my brothers.  She tries to give me cat treats.....what is she thinking????  I tell her those are for Cait, she's a cat, I need dog treats.  I don't know why she can't get this right so I often help myself to our dog treats.  Sometimes I even pass off one or two to my brothers.  That's when I hear "Jackson!"  My brothers thank me though.

I love to give hugs to my mom when she's on the computer and I especially love it when my brothers and I get to lay on her lap.  My brother Em lays on the bottom, then Ollie, then me on top.  It's just perfect.  Ollie gets a little nervous when I move - that guy's too jumpy!

My sister Cait needs a lot of help.  I make sure to watch her every move and critique her when I think she needs it.  I watch her eat, drink, walk, and use the litter box.  My parents tell me she can handle this by herself but I'm not so sure.

I love to smell what's for dinner.  If I can get to my mom's plate then I take a whiff of everything on it.  Although I'm not typically a fan of the taste of her dinner, I sure do love the smell.  It makes me hungry for dog treats!

I know how to get my brother's going.  I like it if they get in trouble.  I can run real fast and Ollie can usually catch up to me but he can't get me because I can hide in smaller places than he can.  I think it's funny when he tries to get me and he barks because he gets upset.  I figure if I can make him bark then I won the game.

Mom tells me she's going to set up a play date with my biological brother Finn.  I can't wait.  She says it's to wear the both of us down.  I don't think she understands that it's not possible.  I hope she gives me enough notice so I can find someone to watch my sister while I'm away.  I'm sure she'll miss me terribly.

Here's a few things I'm very good at:  opening bags my mom doesn't want opened {I love helping unpack groceries}, helping her make the bed {I hold down the sheets and blanket for her}, helping mom with laundry, tackling my sister, hanging from the curtains by my claws {I'm trying to increase my hang time}, catching bugs, rearranging mine and my brothers toy boxes and beds {mom just doesn't put them in the right spot}, borrowing money, and giving gifts.  One day I gave my friend Miss Sarah a dead mouse.  I just knew she would love it and she did.  Mom tells me I'm very generous.  I think she's right.

Mom and dad tell me that everyone needs a Jackson in their house.....but only one.

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TexWisGirl said...

too cute. love the play date idea!

mountain mama said...

this is cute, that cat, i mean dog, has character!

Cindy said...

I love reading about what Jackson's up to. He and our cat Clover sound like two peas from the same pod.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Cindy, TexWisGirl and Mountain Mama! Mountain Mama - Jackson will be thrilled that you have acknowledged his effort to be a dog. :)

Meredith said...

He is totally adorable! (how could such a cute little guy ever do anything wrong....)

Diane said...

Ha Ha. I do have a Jackson living with me, her name is Silver.She loves to walk paint all over the floors, still small shiny objects, drag rugs across the floor, and play with paper balls and weed eater string.