Book In Review - "Make The Bread, Buy The Butter" by Jennifer Reese

Have you seen this book?  I recently came across it while looking for the newest book by Michael Pollan {which I didn't find}.  I must say that I've enjoyed it tremendously.  Jennifer successfully weaves her trial and error stories of cooking from scratch and raising animals with recipes and ratings full of genuine laugh-out-loud humor.

With varying degrees of success, Jennifer has made from scratch her own mustard, bread, pop tarts, hot dogs, cheeses, to name a few and has cured meats in a crawl space and aged cheese in closets.  Additionally, she has raised goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys and bees to her backyard farm, all in an effort to determine for herself and her family what should be made and/or raised and what should be purchased.

If the stories about her experiences and experiments aren't enough, she provides recipes for 120 items and rates each food product she reviews as to whether or not, in her opinion, we should buy or make that particular staple.  She comes to the determination through weighing several factors, namely taste, hassle, amount of time to make it, and cost of making versus purchasing.  All of this information is provided to the reader which is extremely helpful when determining for yourself whether or not you should make or buy {or raise or buy}.

Whether or not you agree with her final rating, she writes with a wonderful sense of humor, supplies some great recipes and provides an enormous amount of information.  I think it's worth purchasing.

If you want to find out more about Jennifer, check out her blog at Tipsy Baker.


Meg said...

I have seen this book popping up all over the internet. Looks like I need to add it to the library queue.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this book at Costco. There books are usually less expensive there than the book stores.

daisy said...

This looks like a good one! Thanks!