Tuesday's "Three"

3 Things I plan to make this week:
  • a magic circle vision board - if you've read "The Dirty Life" by Kristen Kimball, then you're familiar with her husband Mark's magic circle.  Regardless of whether or not you welcome the belief of a magic circle, we all have dreams and aspirations and that's the focus of my vision board.  Inspiration struck after reading a magic circle post by blogging buddy Jillian at Into The Domesticated.
  • handmade thank you cards
  • next weeks' quote art

3 Things I know for sure:
  • when people show you who they are, believe them the first time (thanks to Oprah for this one)
  • learn to listen to and trust your instincts
  • take nothing for granted

3 Things I'm grateful for this week:
  • my ability to laugh - at myself, at situations, at life
  • homemade chicken soup - perfect remedy for feeling icky this week
  • cuddling with Oliver, Emerson and Jackson


from maggie's farm said...

I was also inspired by the magic circle Jillian mentioned. I'm so inspired by what both of you are doing. I really feel fortunate to have you as blogging friends.

Flat Creek Farm said...

love those brilliantly colored eggs :) Ok, Staci... I had to look this book up. Sounds like my type! I have a vague recollection of visiting that blog before. The book now goes on my wishlist. Intrigued by this magic circle vision board too. I enjoyed all of your 'threes'! Have a great remainder of your week. -Tammy

jillian said...

Love the eggs! I love how blue your Araucana egg is! I don't have any blues, all various shades of green. I was thinking more about being specific and a vision board, and came across this quote reading, "At Home with Holistic Management" by Ann Adams (reading for class, and very good!): "Image creates desire. You will want what you imagine." J.G. Gallimore.
I think it holds true, and the more specific the image and subsequent desire, the clearer the direction in moving toward them...

TexWisGirl said...

1st, the 3 eggs are beautiful! and i liked this whole post. the magic circle board sounds like what they talked about in 'the secret'. :) may all your intentions come true!

Ellen said...

Wonderful post. Three great things! I love it. Glad to see you back. I wonder what we did before computers!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Tammy - I love your new photo!! Thanks so much Maggie. I too am so appreciative of you and all the other blogging friends I've made. Jillian - first, i'm adding that to my reading list. Second, that is so true. It's hard to remember when life gets crazy and hectic though isn't it? Thanks TexWis Girl and Ellen. And Ellen you are so right.....I'd still be waiting for the snail mail letter!! :) I like the computer-age instant gratification.