Oliver slept in until 6:50 a.m. this morning.....a new record!  Lucky for me by the time he got up and we went outside the temp.'s had risen to a "balmy" - 4 degrees {Fahrenheit}.  Yes, that is a negative in front of the number.  It was cold.  Oliver did his business immediately, and there we waited for Emerson who had to get the proper intake of snow before he could complete his morning duty.  The moment Emerson was finally successful Oliver took off at a top speed for the back door.  I can't blame him.  If I had been more awake I would have joined in.

Needless to say the girls have been in their coop all weekend.  They're trying to keep their spirits up.  When we coop them we try to give them things that keep them busy - a head of cabbage, frozen lettuce or cabbage, greens in a suet feeder, etc.  This keeps their minds busy so they are less likely to pick on each other.  Our high today was 14 degrees.  Too cold for chickens.

I didn't get all of my "Tuesday's Three's" completed.  The boys did not have a bath.  Lucky for them.....unlucky for the rest of us.  I felt too guilty yesterday and today to get them wet with it being so cold, so I have high hopes for tomorrow.

We found another interesting show on tv this weekend.  The discovery channel has a new reality show called "Alaska:  The Last Frontier".  Have you seen this?  It follows the Kilcher family, 2nd and 3rd generation homesteaders in a remote part of Alaska.  The show follows them preparing for winter.  I'm assuming it will also detail how they spend their winter.  They do show graphic scenes (slaughtering cows for example) so if you are offended or squeamish, you may want to look at the week's description prior to watching.

I must admit, the lifestyle and cooking shows are much healthier for me to watch than the hoarding shows.  Have you seen these?  Once I've watched about 15 minutes I want to get rid of everything in my own home.  All that stuff just makes my skin crawl and makes me crazy.  It's bad enough that my husband's junk has taken over a corner of the kitchen.  We don't have a junk drawer, instead, he has a junk corner.  It started out small.  I found a basket for him to contain it all in {so I didn't have to see it}.  Within a month his stash had piled out of the basket and onto the counter surrounding.  I try to move his things back in the basket with absolute failure.  He gets upset and moves it back out again.  I will add this to the 2012 goal of going thru and getting rid of things we don't use.  He'll be thrilled.

I'm currently taking a break from cooking and cleaning.  Dinner and dishes are complete and cinnamon swirl bread {recipe here} is baking in the oven - smells so good!  Hope you all had a good weekend!


TexWisGirl said...

can't say i watch any of those tv programs. but i can understand the frigid cold temps and running back inside the house! :)

Meg said...

Goodness, *minus* 4? We've had nearly 70's all week. I'm not even positive it's still winter!

Yes, those shows do that to me too. Just like cooking shows make me want to cook (and eat!) everything. Good luck on getting him to go through his stuff. I don't even bother with mine, although I'm lucky he doesn't have too much stuff to take over the house. I think a batch of cinnamon swirl bread is a wonderful idea for this week!

tami said...

MY DH has a junk counter too. Started off as a drawer then I put a basket on the counter. He just filled both of them up and then took over the counter too.

He's the "hoarder" in the family too. My house is slowly becoming one big junk pile. Dirty wins out over clean everytime...It just keeps creeping in.

Every now and then I have a "moment" and he is forced to clean up his crap.

But after 25 yrs, he's wearing me out...I'm exhausted!

jillian said...

Oh my! That is a bit chilly, isn't it? That is normally what we are feeling this time of year, it's been unseasonably warm and dry, not that I'm complaining, except I know we need more moisture. I LOVE your photo, beautiful!
I haven't watched the hoarding shows, just the ads for them make me shiver. I feel like we are hoarders right now a bit as we have everything packed into one bedroom and it is overwhelming, but it's just temporary. I had made a box for hubby's stuff, and he kept saying he'd go through it. Well, a year later, I finally went through it, pared it down a bit, and packed it for storage, and he was okay with that. mysterious, sometimes. :)

Ellen said...

Oh my, minus 4??? That's why we moved from Missouri to sunny Arizona. It's so lovely here. My hubby was the same way and I gave him a basket too. When it started going out of boundaries of the basket, I asked him to clean it up or I would toss it out. After a few days, I threw out what wasn't in the basket. He couldn't believe I would do that. I told him I thought he didn't want it since it wasn't in the basket. Everything that he wants, now stays in the basket.

Meredith said...

I totally agree with you - I can not watch those hording shows. I helped my husbands family clean out a house that was full to the ceilings with stuff. Every room. It was horrible and I can't stand to look at it. I wonder at the point of them - are they trying to get people motivated to clean and not be that way or are they just exploiting someones problems for gain?
Also, are you sure my husband and yours are not related? He too has his piles of junk which I have tried to contain in baskets and organizational bins. It just always seems to grow - and he get very upset when I try to "organize" his things.
I do have a secret weapon however -one of my cats love to deposit hairballs on large piles of paper and then try to cover it up by pulling other papers over the top.
A good incentive for him to keep his piles of papers to a minimum!

www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

I agree, I have to watch shows that are moving toward a good ending or have a productive theme. The hoarding shows, etc., make me feel uneasy and stressed. I'd much rather watch them build houses for people in need or to catch that "Alaska" show that you mentioned...I think I'd LOVE that show, I need to catch up on it.