Thank you to all who have sent lovely thoughts our way for Meg the chicken.  Unfortunately, Meg is no longer with us.  She was a very sweet, kind, quiet and beautiful girl.  We were unable to get the eggs out and believe there was some internal damage caused by her straining to do so.

One thing I learned - if you believe your chicken is egg-bound (typically they walk upright like a penguin), and then it appears as though they are no longer bound, feel their body to make sure.  We thought Meg had laid her egg since she began walking normal again but, unfortunately, that wasn't the case and I didn't even think about feeling her to ensure there wasn't an egg lodged in another location.  Seems I learn something new every month.

Despite our sadness of our loss, it was a beautiful weekend weather-wise.  The sun was shining and it just plain made us all happy.

Oliver has an infatuation with a commercial.  I believe it's for Sprint.  Every time he hears the first 3 bars of the song that is played throughout, he comes running and must watch it.  Not only does he have to watch it, but he has to whine through the entire thing.  At one point there's a woman walking a dog.  It is only on the screen for 2 seconds.  He is annoyed with any 4-legged creature on television and must make sure we are all aware of this every time he sees one.  No, we cannot even consider watching the animal planet.

For those of you who have commented and/or emailed about the once-a-month-cooking, I promise to write more about this next month.  It's been super busy this past week and I haven't been on the computer at all until tonight, but I'd love to share what I've tried and learned about this time-saving technique.

We are thinking of adding Nigerian Dwarf Goats to our little farm.  Perhaps I am losing my mind, as I often feel like I live at the zoo as it is, but I wanted to know if any of you have any thoughts on that particular breed.  Please feel free to comment and/or email if you've had experience with them.  I would really appreciate it.  I'm thinking of 2.  I wouldn't want to have one, because I don't want it to be lonely, and I don't want more than what would be manageable.  Also, if you have any fencing advice for goats, please share.  I know there's absolutely no goat-proof fencing, but I do fear my neighbors and what they would do if they came home to find a goat eating their lawn or garden.

I would love to have goats for milking but I can't drink goat milk or eat goat cheese.  I'm trying to convince myself I can, but every single thing I've tried is just too goat-y and makes me gag.  Such a bummer.

I finished Folks, This Ain't Normal by Joel Salatin.  Loved the book.  I'll share more about it later in the week.  I agree with a large percentage of his thoughts, and boy does he have thoughts.  I found it well thought out, well written with the right mix of humor, and very interesting.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!!


TexWisGirl said...

i am sorry about the loss of your hen... no help on goats from me!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

So sorry to hear about your sweet, Meg! That Oliver is too funny! Nigel only seems to notice TV when there are barking dogs. Have a good week!I'm making a grocery list, so I'm going to have a little peek at your yummy recipes first!