Book In Review - Joel Salatin's "Folks, This Ain't Normal"

I truly enjoyed reading this book.  I found it to be refreshing, thought provoking, controversial and humorous.  I certainly disagree with some of Joel's thoughts, however, for the most part I found myself thinking "you are so right" or "I haven't thought of it that way", and to me, that's a great book.

Joel Salatin is an outspoken, passionate and very opinionated farmer/writer/lecturer/teacher.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, although I found myself disagreeing with some of his ideas or thoughts, he had many good points that were well thought out and just plain and simply true.

He shares his opinions on succession planning of family farms and the taxes that come with them, the impact of McMansions, farming as an occupation and how people view it, the impact of Monsanto, trying to build a "legal" house, lawns, the Bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, and how to build good soil, to name a few, within the 351 pages of the book.  I also enjoyed that at the end of every chapter he offers a list of practical things we can do.

I will be keeping this in my collection to refer back to time and again.


Loretta said...

Seemingly, it's a good book from some of the positives you've mentioned, so I'll put in on my booklist. With some writers we find some things are not agreeable, but for the most part, we take the good from their writings and use in our lives or to help someone else, right? Thanks for sharing!

daisy said...

I have this on hold at my local library. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for the sneak peek!

Meg said...

Oh good, I've been looking for another book to read- this will go on my library list!

from maggie's farm said...

Now I'm really curious! Thanks for sharing your reading material ; }