Tuesday's Three

3 Things I know for sure:
  1. Usually, the right thing to do is the most difficult, but the effort is well worth it.
  2. Things will never make you happy in the long run.
  3. Your health is your life.
3 Comfort Things I'll be enjoying this week:
  1. Homemade crusty bread slathered with homemade butter.
  2. Sipping a homemade vanilla latte while enjoying a book Sunday morning.
  3. My weekly phone call to my Grandmother.
3 Things making me happy right now:
  1. The weather - we've been close to 70 degrees this week and it's making me excited for Spring!
  2. The laundry is caught up.
  3. Watching Oliver and Emerson get peanut butter from their kong toys.  They both have uniquely different approaches, but they are both very smart and work quickly at getting that lip-smacking good treat.


TexWisGirl said...

i will occasionally do peanut butter in the hollow shank bones for our 'kids' too. so cute.

SouthCoast Guy said...

well said!

mountain mama said...

love this post!!!