Cooking From "The Bread Bible" by Beth Hensperger

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm working through the book The Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger and the only thing I didn't particularly care for right from the beginning is no photos.  None.  Not even one.

This recipe makes a beautiful bread.  I never really appreciated the terms "wonderful crumb" and "beautiful texture" until I began baking bread myself.  It's funny to see such a vast difference in dough.  I am beginning to have the ability to determine what the finished texture will be based on the look of the dough.

I like that the beginning of the book is devoted to explanation of the process (i.e. leavening, mixing by hand vs. food processor vs. mixer, etc, kneading, freezing, rising, and more).  Next she has a section titled "Elements of a loaf" where she explains the difference in types of yeast, , flour, etc.  There are 20 chapters of different types of bread including yeast, quick, tortilla/flatbreads, dessert bread and more.  The last two chapters are devoted to bread you can make in your food processor and bread you can make in your bread machine.

The first bread I chose to make is the Buttermilk Honey Bread (can also be made in a bread machine).  I'm not sure why it was chosen first other than it sounded intriguing.  The finished result was a bread with great texture, medium weight, and is good cold or toasted.  The only complaint I can make......

To read more about my experience as well as to get the recipe, go to my cooking blog, Simple Farmstead Cooking, {here}.


Snooks said...

This sounds so good. I imagine that it smelled pretty good while you were baking it too.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Mike said...

I love the picture of the bread! Now I'm hungry for some homemade bread with butter and honey!

Jenn said...

MMMMM! Looks so good! I love to bake bread!