I spent my weekend cooking, baking, filing our taxes, working on a "reminder" board, and getting Jackson out of trouble.  Not in that order.  Actually, I just finished our taxes about an hour ago.  Nothing like a little last minute work.

I waited this year because the wonderful IRS thinks we made an error in last year's filing and has notified us that we owe money.  I sent all the paperwork showing they are wrong, and was holding out on filing because I assumed they would just hold any return we may be getting.  I contacted them last week because I still hadn't heard what they had decided and the woman told me "sorry ma'am, we're at about an 8 month turnaround right now".  I really REALLY wanted to say "and I am as well, so that's when I'll be filing my taxes" but I didn't.  That was my old sarcastic self that wanted to answer, and instead, the new and improved more compassionate self said "ok, so you'll be holding any return I may get until this is resolved I presume?" To which the kind woman said "yes ma'am, that's correct".  Oh joy.

For the cooking and baking, I made Orange Gelatin "Salad", a Beer Can Chicken {recipe to go on my cooking blog this week}, and Homemade Pizza {recipe to go on my cooking blog this week} to name a few.  Tonight I'm working on Coconut Cream Pie and the first recipe from The Bread Bible.

My "reminder" board is for my office at work.  It's to remind me of the changes that I'm working on in my life including goals and dreams.  It's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the everyday and lose sight of what's truly important and what we're working toward.  I'm hoping this will serve as a focal point for me when the stress kicks in and either I respond in ways that are old habit or get frustrated and wonder what in the world I'm doing as well as questioning if it's all worth it.

In the busy-ness of my two days I had to bail Jackson out of trouble numerous times.  Oliver would run and start barking which told me either 1. he heard a neighbors dog barking, or 2. Jackson was doing something he shouldn't.  With the exception of 3 times it was the latter.  It just happened again seconds ago while I was typing this.  Jackson had managed to find his way into my craft room and started clearing off the lower shelf of rubber stamps.  I didn't hear him but Oliver did.  When I responded I found Jackson giving Oliver the stink-eye before sauntering off like he was leaving anyway.  Trust me, he wasn't.  He leaves no job unfinished willingly.

We've been fortunate to have nice Spring weather this week.  My Asian Pear trees {photo above, center} are just about to bloom.  I planted some seeds in the garden Friday after getting home from work.  I am patiently waiting on kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, romaine lettuce, onions, sugar snap peas and carrots to miraculously emerge from the soil.  Nothing as of yet.  I looked this morning.  The chickens keep an eye on the garden too, because I've informed them they are officially kicked out of it until Fall.  The news didn't go over well.

That's our weekend, how was yours?


Snooks said...

Isn't anything to do with IRS the pits? I hate doing taxes - I hate to have to pay more. I would have thought the same as you and also not said anything. At least your critters kept you laughing or at least otherwise occupied. Have a good week.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

daisy said...

Congrats on getting those taxes in under the wire. Why not make 'em wait?
We use a vision board, much like your reminder board.
Hope you have a productive week.

Tina - Our Rustic Roots said...

The IRS has messed up our taxes this year, not that it will make you feel any better. They had a glitch in their system and it decided to take money out of our return for something that couldn't possibly apply to us because that tax situation doesn't apply to us AT ALL. I called, they told me they'd just found out about that glitch that day, it was their mistake, yes, but it was going to take 6-8 weeks to fix it. They suggested I call at 4 weeks to make sure it was being processed. I called, some idiot told me we did owe that money and they weren't doing anything. It was REALLY hard to be nice then. Proved them wrong, it was written up again to be fixed, starting another 6-8 week time frame. I called after a few weeks (since it worked so well the first time) and was told the person who was supposed to fix it had input the wrong info. to correct it, so it had been kicked back to them to fix, had not been done yet, but when it does....yeah......it will start a NEW 6-8 week time frame.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks for your comments. Tina - sorry to hear about your IRS story. That stinks!!

Mary said...

That Jackson seems like such a rascal, but a lovable one. Sounds like he provides comic relief, which I'm guessing you need after dealing with the IRS. Hope that all sorts out in your favor. Eight months! Sheesh!!