Tuesday's "Three"

Three things I'll be hearing this week:
  • 7 baby chicks chirping and 1 frantic mother pecking
  • Oliver barking at the school bus in the morning  {he has never authorized it to stop on our road and is oh-so angry about the whole thing}
  • the ice machine on the freezer {LOTS of iced drinks this week}

Three things I'll be daydreaming about this week:
  • our larger "someday" farm + B&B
  • Fall {sorry, don't like the humidity}
  • our day trip to Rhode Island next month

Three things I'll be writing about this week on my blog:
  • A "So You Want To Raise Chickens" post
  • Recipe for Spring Breakfast Frittata
  • Tips on Growing Asparagus

Happy Tuesday!!


Doreen said...

This is such a lovely post..I SO enjoy your blog!! Looking forward to the "so you want to raise chickens" post!!

Wishing you a lovely day,

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Doreen - that is very kind. Thank you!