Tuesday's "Three"

It's Tuesday's "three".........on Wednesday.

3 Things I'll Be Hearing This Week:
  1. JACKSON!!!!!!!!!   {I'm off for the next 3 days and I've already had to yell this as Mr. Jackson made an effort to knock over every vintage bottle on the pellet stove mantel}
  2. Some very happy chickens - the heat and humidity are currently taking a break.
  3. The grating of soap as I make liquid hand soap.  Recipe to come!

3 Things I'll Be Making This Week:
  1. Coconut Cream Pie {I have cream of coconut left from making coconut syrup}
  2. BBQ Ribs with Strawberry-Chipotle BBQ Sauce
  3. A Third Recipe of Homemade Pop Tarts.......if I'm finally happy with the recipe I'll share it toward the end of the week
3 Things I'm Loving Right Now:
  1. This Sourdough Starter recipe from Sue at Country Pleasures........I'll be using it in a bread recipe this week - I'll share the recipe if it's wonderful!
  2. The fact that all our animals {knocking on wood} appear to be healthy and happy at this moment.
  3. My garden.  Despite the critter attacks it just keeps on giving and giving me produce.

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daisy said...

Sounds like good things come in threes! :0)