Tuesday's "Three"

today's garden/coop harvest

Can you believe it's Tuesday already??  

This is a very quick and simple version of "three":

3 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now:
  1. my garden
  2. my chickens {even though there's only 2 eggs on the table}
  3. finding joy in simple things

Happy Tuesday!


drypond said...

Love all the veggies, they look so good.

Meg said...

Very nice list! And nice harvest too! :)

SouthCoast Guy said...

very nice

daisy said...

Nice harvest!

Diane said...

Molting season is a bummer. My ever faithful Buffs still give us about 10 eggs a week even while molting. We have decided to cull the game hens and just raise Buffs. They are great egg layers, docile, and dependable.