Tuesday's "Three"

3 things I'm getting ready to work on:

  1. Making a bracelet and a necklace.  I ordered the material....just waiting for it to arrive.
  2. Making cloth "baggies".  I bought the material today....whoo hoo!
  3. Soy candles.  Ditto from #1.
3 things that made me laugh today:
  1. Listening to the way Jay speaks to Caity Bug when he gets home.  It's like he's her servant.  Very funny.
  2. Watching Jackson fall off of the dining room table.  Serves him right....he shouldn't have been up there anyway.
  3. Trying to get Emerson out of bed this morning.  He is NOT a morning person dog.
3 things I'm lovin' around the web:
  1. This tutorial on making a cute country sign.  I think it's hilarious that it's hanging above her compost bins.  Too cute!
  2. Did you know you can freeze avocados?  Who knew???  According to Deana you can.  We aren't in avocado country so I typically only buy them as needed, but if I hit a good sale I may have to try this!
  3. These red velvet cupcakes in a jar.  Yummmmmm.......  
Happy Tuesday!!


daisy said...

Looking forward to seeing your completed projects!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Your craft plans sound like mine! Variety! (Just do not be a craft supply hoarder like I am.. not pretty.. lol!). Now, I wish I would have known about the avocado-freezing thing also. Our ALDI had them for something like a quarter apiece several months ago. Love them! Enjoyed this post, as always. Have a great remainder to your week :) -Tammy

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Tammy - well, I can't comment about hoarding the supplies.....I do like having lots of them! :) Daisy - I can't wait until I have something to share!! :)

John Gray said...

That small jar is delightful
Nice to catch up with your blog
It's been too long

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

I am also looking forward to seeing these completed projects! Who knew you could do red velvet cupcakes in a jar?! Might try that for sure!