Cobble Hill Farm Chicken Fashion

Big Allie
We've always known that the "coop girls" have style, but now it's definitely confirmed.  My sister-in-law, after seeing a photo of a chicken in a stylish little piece similar to this, thought of our girls and quickly crocheted not only a chicken sweater but a chicken scarf as well.

 My first victim model was Trudy.  Trudy chose the gray sweater with no scarf.  Although she was paid quite well in freeze-dried meal worms, she quickly decided the runway life was not for her.

Have you ever put an outfit or a leash and collar on a cat?  They immediately act like they're in shock and fall over.  That's similar to Trudy's initial reaction.  Although she felt a little better with a handful of meal worms in her, she asked to be excused from the photo shoot.


Big Allie
 Big Allie volunteered next.  Allie chose the gray sweater with the matching scarf.  Look at her working the runway!

Allie had no issues at all with the clothing and declared this next Fall's hottest fashion for chickens.

Big Allie
Happy Monday!


Meg said...

Beautiful! Such a sharp little outfit for the chicken on the town!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Work it, Girls! Just adorable ♥ My hens do the same thing (fall over, act silly) when I reintroduce them to the hen saddles.. lol. Maybe I'm easily amused, but it never gets old to me ;) -Tammy

Mary @ BarnBugStudio said...

Oh, this made me laugh! Do the eggs from stylish chickens taste better?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Tammy, Meg and Mary! Yes, Mary, I'm thinking the eggs DO taste better. :)