Tuesday's "Three"

Three Sounds I'll Be Hearing This Week:
  1. "Emmie go......Emmie go.....Emmie go....."  My encouragement to get Emerson to do his #2's.
  2. Hopefully the sewing machine.  My mom and I are supposed to give the cloth baggies a whirl this weekend.  I'll post the good, bad or the ugly next week.
  3. The hum of the pellet stove.....keeping us nice and toasty!

Three Things I'm Currently Lovin' From The Web:
  1. These Cheesy Quinoa Cakes.  I haven't tried them yet but they look fantastic!
  2. Kelly's Project Life.  I like that it's somewhat structured but isn't entirely uniform and you can add bits and doo dads as you please. 
  3. Cindy's Valentine Cookie Kit with Printable Poem.  Very cute gift idea!

Three Things I'm Cooking This Week:
  1. Amish Bread {recipe should be posted soon}
  2. Pot Roast....nothing is more perfect on a cold night!
  3. Deviled Eggs {recipe coming soon} - so simple but with the right recipe, so perfect.
Happy Tuesday!!


Meg said...

Great list this week! I love deviled eggs, and now you've made me hungry for them. :)

Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

I LOVE Quinoa...I might just have to make some of those cheesy cakes. Especially dipped in that yummy sauce! (Can you tell that I haven't had supper yet?) ;)