Tuesday's "Three"

3 Things I'm Doing This Week:
  1. Teaching a candle-making class for friends.
  2. Testing another lotion recipe.
  3. Hosting a giveaway!  Scented candles {crafted by me} will be the giveaway I'll be posting this weekend.
3 Intriguing Things I've Found On The Web:
  1. I must first say I'm not typically a fan of velveeta or of canned cream of mushroom soup.  That said, for some reason this Queso recipe intrigues me.
  2. White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars.  How could one resist trying these????
  3. I've seen these before and every year think "I need to make these" but still haven't.........very cute coffee filter easter baskets.
3 Things I'm Grateful For Today:
  1. Emerson felt the need to push his father toward the end of the bed last night rather than his momma = momma got a night's sleep.
  2. The sun.  It's melting the snow which makes it feel as though Spring really is on it's way.
  3. The chickens.  They make me laugh, get excited to see me and provide me with eggs on a daily basis.
our egg collection from today

Happy Tuesday!


Meg said...

Love the list this week. I'm excited for the giveaway! :D

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Meg!! :)

daisy said...

What a lovely shot of the eggs in the basket! And what a treat to have them on a daily basis. Do you use them all or sell them?