A Birthday Party

Jackson - hat looks like he's had too many margaritas but face looks like he needs a margarita!

Caity Bug

Emerson - looks like he's been hanging out with Jack!

It's our pet-sitter, Miss Sarah's, birthday and all the indoor critters participated in a birthday photo shoot.
As you can clearly see this cost me a whole lotta cookies.
The glares are, well, quite apparent.
We all lived through it and Miss Sarah enjoyed her gift from the "kids".
Happy Birthday Miss Sarah - you're the best!!


Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

The photo of Jackson cracks me up :)

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I am sure they will use that look (remember when you made us wear those silly hats)for some time to come for more treats, lol! The cutest bunch!

Glad to hear that Lizzie is doing well too! Cathy

daisy said...

Oh, those poor critters...

Nancy Garabrandt-White said...

Those poor babies. They all looked like "why are you making a fool of me"!

Jenny said...

Ouu, Emerson partied too hard!

Meg said...

LOL! Oh that's just priceless. Love the faces!