Reusable Cloth Baggies

A month or so ago I wrote about wanting to make reusable cloth baggies for our lunch items.  It seems such a waste to always use plastic and throw them out {I do wash and re-use but they're thrown eventually}so I thought this would at least cut down on the amount of plastic we use, and it has.  My first obstacle in creating these is that I don't sew.  Well, I take that back, I didn't sew.  But I do now!

My first experience with sewing was back in Junior High when I needed to take another elective this particular quarter and I had no idea what to take.  I'd already taken a cooking class and since I was vegetarian that didn't go well because the teacher couldn't wrap her head around the idea I didn't want to eat meat.  I had also already taken a shop class where I learned woodworking and found it completely boring so I didn't want to go through that again either.  Sewing, I thought, would be the class for me.  Not so much.

I wasn't particularly fond of the teacher, Miss Carney, so that didn't help and I had never sewn before where everyone else in the class seemed to already have experience.  As we were given assignments I needed full explanation and Miss Carney seemed perplexed that she would need to offer this amount of direction and attention in a beginning sewing class.  So, with her inexperience with teaching the absolute basics and my desire to not want to continue to ask what appeared to be silly questions, I made her a deal.  Anything I was unable to finish in class I could take home and have my mom "help" me with.  She seemed relieved and agreed.  Mom got an A that quarter.

Now, as an adult, I really did want to learn to sew.  This seemed to be the right type of project since it required only straight lines and I was right.  With mom by my side we managed to figure out how to thread the machine and sew up 3 baggies.  I determined after the 3 that the next ones I make would be made slightly different.  My next ones would have no flap and instead close like a regular baggie with velcro instead of the baggie seal.

My sister-in-law was kind enough to make the cutest little bag you've ever seen, following the instructions I had previously linked to here.  It turned out too small for a sandwich but is perfect for crackers, cookies, popcorn, etc.

To make the baggies I used:
  • scrap fabric {I used a print and coordinating solid as the liner}
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • straight pins
  • velcro strips
I first measured a quart size baggie and added 2 inches to the length for the flap.  I marked where I wanted the velcro enclosures to be on both the interior of the solid fabric used for the lining and the print and, using the sewing machine, sewed each piece on. 

Mom -helping me out with the sewing
Next, I pinned the rectangle pieces, right sides in, and sewed around the perimeter {1/4 inch seams}.  I left about a 2 inch space unsewn {to turn the fabric right-side out with}.  I clipped the corners, careful not to damage the seam, and then turned the baggie right side out.

I lay the rectangle with the solid fabric facing up and folded it up, leaving 2 inches for the flap at the top.  This exposed the first velcro strip on the patterned fabric.  I then took the opposite end that had the opposing velcro strip on it {on the solid fabric}, and folded it so the two velcro strips met.  This becomes the top flap.

I then pinned the baggie in place and sewed a stitch along each side, backstitching at the end.  I got as close to the edge as possible for this stitching so the majority of the baggie was useful.

Ta da!  Baggie was completed.  I had to use "manly" fabrics for my husbands baggies......he just didn't seem interested in the beautiful pink patterned fabric!

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Meg said...

Those turned out great!

daisy said...

Brilliant! Another thing you won't have to buy at the store!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Meg! Exactly Daisy - I have plans to make more just a little different variation.

Alderberry Hill said...

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