Tuesday's "Three"

Happy Tuesday.
3 Things I'm Finding Funny:
  1. Last night Jay put a dollop of whipped cream on Jackson's face.  Jack just sat there so I called him "here kitty, kitty, kitty" to come to me so I could wipe it off and he looked around as I was calling him, as if to try and figure out who the "kitty" was.
  2. When Oliver can't believe what he sees {i.e. a "nana" cookie or some other great treat} he literally does a double-take and his eyes get absolutely huge.
  3. This site.  If you're a dog lover you must see it - Maddie is adorable.

3 Things I'm Liking On The Web:
  1. I think this wood poster is absolutely adorable.
  2. The 100 Rules of Dinner is very cute.
  3. Since my real daffodils won't bloom for another month, I am adoring these paper daffodils.

3 Life Lessons Applicable To My Life Right Now:
  1. You must make a change a must.
  2. Every event is a learning experience, positive or negative.
  3. The energy you put out is the energy you get back.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Boston bombings.

1 comment:

daisy said...

Aren't you clever? What a lovely "3".
I so agree and tell my boy all the time, "You get what you give."