A New Chicks On The Block Update

Well, we still have two clubs in the coop.  We have the "Old Hens Club" and we have the "New Chicks Club".  The term "Old Hens" is a bit offensive to Betty, Wilma & Hattie but I've assured them it just means they've been at Cobble Hill Farm longer.  This seemed to settle their feathers.

Part of The Old Hens Club - Big Allie barking orders & Daisy

The Old Hens Club works diligently at ensuring the New Chicks Club know their limits.  First off, Lizzie is in neither club as she is once again broody.  Big Allie {Old Hens Club} is the herder.  If treats are brought to them, it appears it's up to her to continually herd the New Chicks into a corner. {the New Chicks are only allowed to eat once the Old Hens are finished}  The good thing about this is that this is the only exercise she's ever gotten.  We do wonder, however, when it is she'll realize the New Chicks would be good workers - remember, she's the hen who cons the other hens into scratching the ground for her so she can look for worms without putting forth any effort.

Then there's Hattie.  Hattie appears to be Big Allie's back-up, so we're calling her "the enforcer".  Just to kind of say "yeah, THAT'S where you'll stay" she does a quick run behind Allie when Allie herds them.  Renee & Sam do a lot of squawking and pecking at them, so they are the middle-men.  The remaining Old Hens add their two cents from time-to-time, but they don't make a large effort.

New Chicks Club

All 6 of the new chicks sleep in one nesting box.  They've finally come to realize there is something off the floor that might be comfortable.  They have not, however, figured out the roosts yet.  Progress is a bit slow.

They all mingle during a majority of the day, but if the Old Hens are in the coop squawking about laying eggs the New Chicks stay outside.  I don't blame them - it gets pretty loud indoors.

The New Chicks, thanks to Lizzie, have learned to scratch for yummy treats.  Although if they uncover anything it typically gets stolen by one of the Old Hens.

All-in-all, they are doing very well.  They are nice girls and seem to be following the "be nice or you'll be soup" rules quite well.  I can't wait to see who will be the first to challenge one of the Old Hens.  Now that will be a reality show!


Backyard Chicken Lady said...

I am about to add some new babies soon and I worry about how the 'old' group will accept the new group too. I think I will post the "Be nice or you will be soup" rule on the coop door. Lol.

daisy said...

Ha! It sounds like they put on quite a show!
Those new girls' coloring is gorgeous!

Rural Revival said...

Ha! Slow learners, tough old birds, and soup threats....sounds familiar. I could close my eyes and be in my own backyard. : )

When my old girls follow Eli for an outing, I sneak out and give the young ones a treat. They are soooo much more appreciative!

Mary Ann said...

That's a marvelous coop and so very well-planned!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thank you all! Mary Ann - thanks, we tried to think it through a bit before building it. :) It definitely works well for us.