Tuesday's "Three"

3 Things I'm Collecting From My Garden This Week:

  1. Cukes
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Green Beans

3 Things I'm "Putting Up" This Week:
  1. Green Beans {freezer}
  2. Corn {freezer}
  3. Sweet & Spicy Relish {canning}

3 Things I've Found On The Internet:
  1. I just discovered the fabric designed by this designer and I'm smitten with it.  I must have it!  I'm thinking of curtains, cushions for the dining room chairs, a couple of bags, a few pillows, a dog bed, a cat bed and so many other things!
  2. Great hand embroidery stitch tutorials at this blog.
  3.  felt ......and paper.....and fabric......and fiber..... and, well, you get the idea.  Anywhoo, here's a great article on 60 things to make with felt.  Love the birds and the hearts!
Happy Tuesday!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

We're getting cukes and tomatoes as well! I tried a recipe for quick pickled cucumbers and it turned out really yummy :)

Meg said...

1. I'm jealous of your green beans! I didn't get a single one this year. 2. I'm with you on the fabric! Those prints are just to die for! 3. I love picture tutorials for embroidery. So much easier to follow then drawings.

Leslie said...

Oh, your jam labels are so, so adorable!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Tammy - a girl after my own heart. Quick pickled cukes = instant gratification. :)
Meg - I'm sorry to hear about the beans. I just planted more for the fall crop. If you didn't live on the opposite coast I'd invite you over to pick some. :)
Leslie - thank you so much!

daisy said...

The fabrics and felted projects are wonderful!
You are quite the master gardener! Our bean plants are flowering now, so I'm hoping for something!

Mary said...

Those fabrics are "to die for," and I'm a felt-aholic, so this post made me very happy, indeed.