Chicken Names and an Adoption

In the "weekend" post I wrote about the fact that we still hadn't taken the time to name the {not so} new girls.  Well, we came up with names this weekend.

You know how honored you are when a friend names their baby after you?  Well we don't have babies to name so we are honoring our friends at Milton Veterinary Hospital by naming the new girls after each of the special ladies there.

Yes indeed ladies, you now have chickens as your namesakes.  How many people can say that???

Also, on Sunday we adopted a beautiful Ameraucana chicken who is now named Lori.  You may remember Sam from Stone House Market.  He had a layer who was being picked on by the others so much so that she wasn't allowed to come out of the coop.  He wanted to know if we would like her in an effort to give her a better life.  Isn't that so nice?  We absolutely took her in.

Here's a little about each of the chickens:

Sarah is a bantam Barred Rock.  She's the peacemaker of the coop.  She hates to see the new girls versus the old girls and tries with all her might to get them all together.  She is the only one of the new girls who doesn't show any fear to the old girls.  Although she doesn't peck back, she simply doesn't back down.  Sarah loves swiss chard, corn and apples as her special treats.

Stephanie is a bantam Ameraucana and is still quite skeptical of us, but she's coming around.  She loves to fly.  So much so that somehow she escaped the outdoor coop yesterday.  There's a small area not covered by netting and she managed to fly right through it and out of the coop.  Stephanie loves watermelon seeds, leaves from just about any plant and blueberry muffins as her special treat.

Kelly is a bantam Ameraucana who has to know what's going on.  She, like Stephanie, is still a tad skeptical and likes to keep some distance but not too much because she needs to see what's happening.  She cracks me up in the morning because she always comes racing, at top speed, out of the indoor coop to see what special treats I've brought.  Kelly loves warm rice with milk, oatmeal and spinach for her special treats.

Deb is a bantam Ameraucana and is another lover of flying, but not quite as much as Stephanie.  She stands in the background and watches before cautiously joining.  She looks like a football player when the older girls start pecking her because she'll run and weave in and out of them to try and get goodies before she's kicked out.  Deb does not, however, stand on the sidelines when I bring out melons or berries.  She absolutely loves both.  Kale is also a favorite treat for her.

Danielle is a bantam Ameraucana who loves the sun.  She loves it so much that often she doesn't hear me enter the coop with goodies until they've been partly eaten.  She will slowly open her eyes and then focus on the food.  Up she jumps and in she goes to get some before it's gone.  Danielle loves kale, squash, watermelon and lettuce.

Lori is the new chicken we adopted yesterday.  She's a full grown Ameraucana.  She is quiet, sweet and within the first day understands that if I'm in the coop protecting her she can do anything or go anywhere she wants.  She is still scared of the others but I'm hoping to boost her confidence over the week.  She tilts her head when I talk as if she's listening.  She hasn't ventured into any special treats yet so I'm not sure which are her favorites but I can tell you what isn't a favorite.  Broody Lizzie.  I think she thinks Lizzie is a grouch and boy is she right.

There's the new girls!  They are all very sweet and fitting in well.


Lori L said...

I can tell you Lori's favorite treat. Chocolate zucchini cake, of coarse, lol ;)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Awww how sweet! They are all such lovely girls, but Deb is especially striking. I love her coloring! So nice of you to name them after ladies at the veterinary hospital. I bet they feel so honored :)

luckybunny said...

I LOVE your names, they seem to suit them so well, and also your stories about them.

Leslie said...

Lori has such a sweet expression. She's so pretty. I'm really glad you took her in!

EverydayGirl415 said...

Chicken posts are by far my favorites seeing as I am a beginning chicken farmer. I am in love with my girls (and my guys) we decided to jump in with both feet for our first flock and decided to ventured into bantam chickens... The only problem we have discovered is that in the 30 some odd chicks we started out with we did not end up with any "full-sized" roosters. All three of our boys are bantams. They are developing a big boy syndrome already. I heard one of them try his hand a crowing the other day and have decided it is the saddest noise in the world...

daisy said...

How sweet is that? You're acquiring quite a flock!

born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

Posts like this makes me think about naming ours. For now, we just call them by the breed. That way if we lose one, Adrian's less likely to notice. Maybe someday ours will have names!