Tuesday's "Three"

roses from Yaddo Gardens, Saratoga Springs, NY

3 Things I'm Currently Working On:
  1. With my new soap, lotion, balm & bath business underway, my life is filled with packaging decisions, scent decisions, lotion consistency decisions, business card decisions, and craft show display decisions.
  2. Garden clean-up.  The beds that haven't been re-planted for Fall, as the summer produce withers, I'm trying to keep up with clean-up, with the help of the coop girls of course.
  3. Freezing green beans, carrots and squash.
3 Things I'm Grateful For Today:
  1. My husband - he is so supportive and so helpful with everything.
  2. Emerson is back to himself.....finally!  After his last pancreatitis attack he was very low in energy.  He's now had 3 Vitamin B shots and he's feeling good.
  3. The weather.  Although we did have some humid days and some very hot days this summer, all-in-all, for this non-heat loving girl it has been great!
3 Things I've Found On The Web:
  1. A great list of Fall wreath ideas here.
  2. I've always wanted to host a dinner on the farm......someday.  Here's a great inspiration for it.
  3. And last, you know I love a good home tour, so here's one that originally appeared in Country Living.  I see some bits and pieces I would love to incorporate into our own home.
Happy Tuesday!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

So excited for you and your new business! And I'm glad Emerson is back to feeling good. I hate it when animals are sick! Love those links you shared, especially the home tour!

daisy said...

So many creative wreaths! I like the first burlap one best!

Glad your pooch is feeling strong again.

Enjoy the rest of your week!