3 Cobble Hill Farm Handcrafted Soap Giveaway Winners!

First, thank you to all who entered each of the 3 giveaways.  We are so proud of our products and love them so much we wish we could give them away to you all but, unfortunately, we can't.  That being said, the coop girls have drawn the names of the 3 winners.

Before I tell you who won, let me show you how they were drawn.....

Jackson had a very important job.  He was the bodyguard/lookout for the coop girls making sure no one entered the property for the purpose of bribery.

The lists of names were printed, cut into individual names, and put into old strawberry baskets.
One for Life At Cobble Hill Farm Facebook, one for Life At Cobble Hill Farm blog and one for Cobble Hill Farm Handcrafted Soap Facebook.
Chickens like red so I thought at least the red strawberry stains would attract them if nothing else would!

I went out to the coop to ask for volunteers.
No volunteers?  Well, how about dried mealworms as the gift to the chicken who volunteers?

Now that they all volunteered I had to choose one.  One who I knew could do the job and not be swayed.
I also needed a chicken I could outrun when she took off with the names.

Big Allie was chosen.  Big Allie doesn't run.  :-)

First, I asked Big Allie to choose the Life At Cobble Hill Farm Facebook winner.
Next, I asked her to choose the Life At Cobble Hill Farm blog winner.

Finally, I asked her to choose the Cobble Hill Farm Handcrafted Facebook winner.  This is where it got tough.....
She refused to go on without a few mealworms as payment first.
To make her point she scratched in the box and all the papers were dumped out.

After her snack, {and after I picked up all the papers} she choose the last winner.

And then had more snacks, of course!

Congratulations goes to.......

Michelle Tuller - the Life At Cobble Hill Farm Facebook Winner

Trish from Ketelcopia blog - the Life At Cobble Hill Farm Blog Winner

Lori Boswell Langdon - the Cobble Hill Farm Handcrafted Facebook Winner

If the 3 of you would each email me at JayNStaci{at}aol.com I will get all of your information so your gifts can be sent.

There will be soap giveaways coming soon so stay tuned!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners! I was eagerly waiting to see how the coop girl's selection process would go, and I am not disappointed! Haha, I love it!

turtleinseattle said...

This post seriously cracked me up! I cannot wait to have chickens in the spring :)

Meg said...

Congratulations ladies!!

daisy g said...

Hot dog! Those chickens sure come in handy for so many things! ;0)
Enjoy your prizes, ladies!

Jo's World said...

You should hire Big Allie out for drawings like this. She does excellent work (with a few mealworms on the side, o'course)!

Cheers and congrats winners!
Congrats, Big Allie!

Jo and Stella

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Dang, maybe next time! Congrats to those who won and enjoy!! Cute post!

Trish said...

Thanks to you and Big Allie!! I'm so excited :)

born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

You are too funny! Chickens picking the winner!