Tuesday's "Three"

3 Articles I'm Working On:
  1. 10 Easy Things You Can Do To Save Money
  2. A list of Recipes for Homemade Bath & Body Products as part of my 8 weeks of Christmas Gifts Series starting at the end of the month
  3. Making Homemade Extracts

3 Things Bringing Me Comfort This Week:
  1. Hot Pumpkin Spice Coffee on chilly Fall mornings
  2. Cuddling at night with Jack, Oliver and Emerson - we gather underneath throw blankets on the couch and watch tv together
  3. The smell of winter squash roasting in the oven

3 Things I Found On The Web:
  1. Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili sounds intriguing!
  2. I've been thinking of making homemade chicken feed lately.  Do any of you make your own?
  3. Such a sweet gift idea - homemade "Love Tea" and Lavender Truffles.  Yummmmmmm.....
Happy Tuesday!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

I love the leaf with the "3" in it! Too cute :) I have thought about making my own chicken feed but haven't attempted it yet. If you do try let us know how it goes!

The Little Acre that Could said...

Oooo! Your articles sound interesting. I'm looking forward to reading them.

That pumpkin chili does sound intriguing. I haven't made my own chicken feed, but I've been looking into the plants to grow so they can forage for it themselves.

W-S Wanderings said...

Okay, now I'm hungry AND I want a delicious cup of harvest coffee :-)

daisy g said...

Love the "3" in the leaf.
You are so ambitious. What kinda vitamins do you take, girl?! ;0o

luckybunny said...

Love your "things that are bringing me comfort." how lovely and also totally agree with you on the pumpkin spice coffee... so delicious :)