Tuesday's "Three"

This week is a wandering the web edition of 3.

3 Pumpkin Recipes That Sound Intriguing:
  1. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats
  2. Honey Roasted Pumpkin Seeds sound like the perfect way to use up pumpkin seeds.
  3. I love biscotti with my coffee, so Pumpkin Pie Biscotti sounds amazing!

3 Things {crafty} I Want To Make:
  1. Love this tea towel - perfect for inspiration!
  2. Pajama pants - love them!
  3. I love making Shutterfly books and have opened a Blurb account specifically because I wanted to make a cookbook of our favorites but still haven't done that.  This adorable family cookbook makes me want to take the time to do it.

3 Good Things To Read:
  1. Money Memoirs is 33 people discussing their truth about money.  This is a build-up to Bari Tessler's money class, but I think the memoirs alone are a great read!
  2. 100 Ways For Your Family To Make A Difference is a great reminder at this time of the year to focus on giving to others.  Great ideas for Random Acts of Kindness too!
  3. What People Really Look Like
Happy Tuesday!!


REIFYN said...

I love those little tiny pumpkins you've got pictured there. Most people only use them for ornamentation, but you can actually eat them, and they're delicious. Just poke some holes in the top, then bake them on a tray for maybe 45 minutes until the skin is a bit squishy. They are incredibly rich and sweet, and don't have that pumpkin stringiness.

Madge Bloom said...

LOVE those little pumpkins...

daisy g said...

So many great ideas for random acts of kindness. I think we need to step up our efforts for the coming year's goals.

Those pj's are adorable!

Always finding too many good things! ;0)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Reifyn and Madge! Daisy - I'm with you on stepping up RAOK efforts this year.

The Little Acre that Could said...

Wow! I needed this. The massage therapist (what people really look like)...I think I'm in love!

I didn't know about those self published cook books. I've seen photography ones, but that cook book is inspirational.

I am soooo glad I came here today! xoxo

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Sue - so happy you enjoyed the links! :)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Those pumpkins are so cute! I have an affinity for tiny pumpkins :)

That tea towel is really cute!