Our Top 10 Posts of 2013

2014 has arrived which, as I mentioned in the previous 2 posts, encourages me to take the time and reflect on the previous year.  In doing so, I decided to look at which posts were the top posts of 2013 on this blog.  Some I guessed and some were a surprise. 

1. The absolutely most popular post {over 200,000 hits last year alone} was Chicken Coop 101:  13 Lessons Learned While Building Our Coop.  I'm so happy this post has been useful to so many of you.  When we first moved to our little farm, we thought we knew exactly what we wanted in a coop.  We didn't.  Thank goodness we had a small coop on the property that we used first - it taught us a tremendous amount, things we hadn't even thought of, and allowed us to build a coop we love.

2.  Homemade Laundry Detergent was the second most popular post.  Both the first post {here} and the follow-up post {here} have been huge hits.  I love my homemade detergent!!

3.  The "So, You Want To Raise Chickens...." posts have been the next most popular posts. Part 1 is {here} and Part 2 is {here}.   Again, I'm so happy this has come in useful - things to think about before adding a flock.

4.  "How We Homestead" Series is the next most popular set of posts.  I started this series to help answer some of the questions readers have asked.  We are emailed questions all the time about others interested in this lifestyle.  This series details a bit of what we do as well as where we hope to go next.  Good news!!  The "Homemade Living" group of bloggers are starting a new 7-part series "Homesteading Where You Are" this month.  Stay tuned!!

5.  Making Soy Candles was the next most popular post, which was a surprise to me.  They are very easy to make and the perfect thing to have on hand in case of a power outage but also great ideas for homemade gift giving.

6.  The Monthly Meal Plan posts have been the next most popular posts.  If it's something you aren't using, it really is a great timesaver.  Overwhelming at first, but after a month or two is not hard at all.

7.  In the "6 Weeks of Holiday Food Gift Ideas" I shared a recipe for a homemade Baking Mix {a.k.a. homemade Bisquick} plus recipes to use it.  This surprised me that it was the next most popular post since it was just posted a month ago!

8.  "Homemade Extracts" is number 8.  I shared recipes for Vanilla, Orange and Lemon Extracts.  I haven't purchased store bought extracts in over a year!

9.  The post featuring 16 Homemade Spice/Herb Mixtures was number 9 on the list. This is a great way to start turning your pantry from store-bought to homemade.  As you run out of a spice or herb mix, make it from scratch instead of purchasing it!

10.  The last post in this round-up was a surprise to me {again, only posted a month ago} - Salt Dough Ornaments.  They are so simple and beautiful they can be used year round!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

All great posts! Congrats on the success of your chicken coop 101 post - that is so awesome! Goes to show you that chickens are definitely in and more people are getting interested in chicken keeping, which I think is wonderful :)

The Little Acre that Could said...

I can see I have some reading to do! Staci, your photos are so beautiful and artistic. It makes me want to read every one of your posts.

floodproofmum said...

That is a great summary of the year. Will have to go back and check them all out. Thanks for posting! Cheers, Tanya

daisy g said...

I surely couldn't choose a favorite from the 10 you listed or any of the rest of your posts! You always write something worth reading.
Enjoy your weekend, Staci!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Proves the old ways are still the best!!