We Have A Giveaway Winner!!

Little Lizzie worked hard today to choose a winner of our Cobble Hill Farm Handcrafted Soap sampler winner.

First, I must tell you, Lizzie is a very busy girl.  
She is easily distracted and extremely hard to keep on task.
What should have taken moments, took about a half hour.
But she did it.

Also, if you don't have chickens, you should know that they obsess about food as much as dogs do.
That being said, as soon as she saw the goodies she was going to receive, that's all she could think about.

So, to please her and me, I tossed some of the goodies into the bowl of names, so she could snack and pick at the same time.
A win-win of sorts.

On to the winner......

here's the bowl of names {and a few grains of corn and raisins to the left}

Lizzie checked out the task at hand.
She immediately informed me this was a larger bowl than she had anticipated and, therefore, would cost a bit more on the treats.
I agreed to her terms.

Hmmm......let me just eat the corn and raisins first.....
you know, just to make sure they taste good.

oh, alright, I'll select already.

Lizzie chose Rebecca VanSickle as the grand prize winner.
Congratulations Rebecca!

Now that Lizzie was enjoying herself, she politely asked to choose 2 more names.
I agreed.
These two people will each receive 4 bars of our wonderful soap.
They are.....
Rita Caldwell
and Stefani Harmon Ballard.

Congratulations all!
Please email me at JayNStaci@aol.com with your mailing address so I can send the prizes.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and your very kind comments.
We really appreciate it!

Stay tuned for more upcoming giveaways!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Lizzie did a great job picking out the winners! Congrats to everyone!

Gardeningbren said...

As a past lucky winner I would like to Congratulate Lizzie's finalists. You will love this product!

Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts said...

Lizzie did wonderful!

Debra Lee said...

I just loved seeing Lizzie pick the winners!

Rebecca Van Sickle said...

I feel like I am truly one with the chickens now... Thank you for all your wonderful chicken posts. Its inspiring to a young (beginning) chicken farmer. <3

The Little Acre that Could said...

Congratulations all! (you are so funny ;-)

lifeatcoralcottage.com said...

Little Lizzie is quite the looker. This was way fun having her pick the winners. Congrats to the winners.