Real Life

the temp's have finally risen to the 40's {Fahrenheit} so now we've got melting snow and ice.
this gives us plenty of icicles.
i love the way the sun makes the icicles glimmer.
it's like my porch has earrings.

below is our front porch.
note - the snow is just above the much for the 3 steps it takes to step up to it!

and this is what happens as icicles melt.
they become daggers.

jack realized this afternoon that his food bowl was empty.
here's his empty food bowl look.....

he is quite the drama king.

once it was filled, cait booted him off the dresser and took the first helping for herself.
she has finally learned to stand up to him and he, most of the time, takes it well.

i found a quote last week that I absolutely love.
it is:
"the universe is not punishing you or blessing you.  the universe is responding to the vibration you are emitting."
i'm trying to come up with a mixed media piece for it.

it's been a busy couple of weeks with shipments every other day.
hooray for that!
my craft room looks like a bomb has gone off in it though.
so today is clean-up day.

cleaning up seemed to get oliver and emerson all riled up.
they enjoyed a mid-day run around the dining room.

it starts with a dramatic stand-off.
{cue the music}

hush.....the room goes silent as we wait to see who the first one will be to flinch.
this time it was oliver.

emerson shot out of the gate, running as fast as his chubby little legs could take him.

oliver was right behind him.
exhausted and out of breath, they came to a stop.

it was a dare.

who's going to be the first to flinch this time???

this time it was emerson.
two more circles around and that was it.

they both stopped to catch their breath.
shortly thereafter it was time to take a nap.

this week's words for me are:  persevere, creativity, accomplish, determined and dream.
do you have any words for your week?


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Those are some crazy icicles! Sheesh! Jack's empty food bowl look is cracking me up. If I'm being honest, I may give that look from time to time if I'm hungry and don't have any food haha. I love that quote about the universe - can't wait to see your mixed media piece! And congrats on all the shipments! That's awesome :)

The Little Acre that Could said...

Oh, my gosh, I laughed out loud at Jack's empty-food-dish look.

Your soap looks wonderful with its colours and textures and what a great, creative space you have to work in.

September Violets said...

Jack is such a character! Love that look. My dog couldn't pull off a look that good, and he works hard at so many of them. Your little pups sound like they're getting a bit stir-crazy inside this winter. I hope no one gets an icicle on the head. We had some melting snow today too, and it was great, but now it's snowing AGAIN! So I think my word for this week would be: "what-the-"
Wendy x

Natalie said...

I think we all love Jack's faces and drama. lol And I can picture Emerson and Oliver playing, just like my Bradley and Eddie. Love to see the get in the "butts in the air" stance and then starting running around.
My words for the week... dream, renewal, opportunity, and family. :)

daisy g said...

The quote about the universe is quite engaging. I'll be thinking about that.

Those icicles! Watch out! Hope temps continue to improve.

Your workshop looks very motivating.
My word for today is: health. Today wasn't a healthy day, but I'm aimin' to change that. ;0)