Tuesday's "Three"

three little things i'm grateful for.....
jack's toy mice.  not only do they provide him hours of entertainment.......

 they provide entertainment to his dog brothers too!  
{the mouse in front looks devilish because his eyes light up......creepy, i know}

 my milk frother.  i can't imagine coffee time without it.

look at the fabulous dessert the leftover dough made!
3 things from other places:
this "get happy" series
ever wondered if others are using your photos?  here's how to trace them.


turtleinseattle said...

that coffee and cinnamon roll are making me drool!

daisy g said...

I concur with turtleinseattle!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oooh that dessert looks good! And paired with coffee with frothy milk how can you go wrong? :)