Tuesday's "Three"

three little things i'm grateful for....

such a simple contraption - the baby gate, but so helpful.  we purchased it to keep the dogs from going upstairs during the day {cait's space} and to keep them either in a room or out of a room as needed.  what we didn't know, was that it keeps jack in or out of rooms too!  jack can easily climb it or jump over it but he doesn't know this and we certainly don't tell him.

particularly in winter, tea.

baker's twine.  i adore it and use it for everything it seems.

what little things are you grateful for today?

happy tuesday friends!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Jack, oh my goodness! I love that baker's twine. Something about twine that I just love.

Grateful for heated seats in the car today!

Reifyn said...

Jack is always so funny & almost serious about things. I love his 'kept-out' look on his face.

Lisa Tucker said...

I love that Jack doesn't know he could jump over the gate...lol. Made me smile...:) thanks!

daisy g said...

Oh Jack-you quack me up!

That baker's twine is so festive! It makes simple things so special!

I'm grateful for my morning cuppa joe. And reading on cold winter days.
So many things...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning!