Why I Like Mixed Media Art

I come from a line of women who don't measure while cooking.
They are rebels in the kitchen.  Rule breakers.
I do measure while I cook but my rebelliousness comes out in art.
I don't like to follow rules.

This is why I like mixed media.

Sure, there's always some sort of "rule" to follow - rule of thirds, complimentary colors, blah blah blah
But if I want a flower smaller than a heart than so be it.

How about you?  What sparks your creativity?


Nat Chap said...

I believe that breaking the rules paints outside the proverbial box! Recipes are better tweaked and flowers inspire discovery....Just one medium is not the only, and all others as desired should be investigated. Creativity is just that, no rules! LOVE this!!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

This is so cool! I've never experimented with this type of art before, but I love how yours turned out. SO creative :)

born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

My art is fabric. But you've probably already figured that out. :)