Tuesday's "Three"

3 little things i'm grateful for today....

sunshine!!!!  hooray for sunshine!!!

these delicious little ciabatta rolls.  recipe coming soon.

my supervisors.  what would i do without my little loves?

what little things are you grateful for today?
happy tuesday friends!


born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

Vacation. Spring. Brownies. :)

daisy g said...

Those rolls look crunchy and delicious!
Your supervisors are something I'm grateful for as well-so entertaining!

Evening bike rides.
Seedlings showing themselves.
Sharing my garden with others.

Caitlin | The Siren's Tale said...

Sunshine always brings a smile to my face! Great blessings here :) Can't wait to hear about the ciabatta recipe. I'm feeling grateful for sunshine, seeds that are slowly sprouting, and that it's almost Friday!