Tuesday's "Three"

3 little things i'm grateful for today...
my adorable supervisors who are attached at my hip all day long {even when i bore them}

these bowls.  thanks to our purge last weekend i found them!!

i adore ribbon and this is my fav lately

and a few interesting things I've found around the web:
- this site gives you a list of factories in every state that offer tours
- lovely post - forty is the new forty
- Mmmm....chewy granola bars with pecans and figs

what little things are you grateful for today?
happy Tuesday friends!!


daisy g said...

How much do I love the site with the factory tours? Oh, I want to see some of those!

Large-print books.
Being able to dream the big dream.

Michaele said...

Oh gosh! Can I only pick three things? hehe I love your photos. Your companions are cute and the pears look divine. (bowls are nice too)

Sarah K. said...

Cute, cute supervisors!

3 things: washi tape, malted milk balls, erasable pens

Caitlin | The Siren's Tale said...

You have the cutest supervisors I've ever seen :)

3 things: warmer temperatures, bright blue skies, nights that are warm enough to take walks