Jack And The Magic Box

You all know Jack is, well, our special boy.  He finds himself in some unique situations and obsessing over odd things.  You are also probably well aware of his obsession with food.  He gets himself into quite the tizzy if his food dish has been empty for more than a couple of hours {which I'm supposed to do to help him lose weight....} and celebrates with a victory lap around the dining room table when I come hope with a brand new bag of cat food.

That being said, he has finally discovered that his food comes out of a plastic box.
A storage box so he can't eat through the bag.
Yes, he's done that with both cat and dog food.
Oh, and cat and dog treats.
It's only taken him a couple of years to figure this out.

When he discovered this he immediately became obsessed with the box.  He has a bed in the area of his box so we moved it next to the box so he could spend more time with his new BFF.  He sits and stares lovingly at it.  I'm not sure if he thinks staring makes the food come out or if he thinks staring will eventually make more food come out.

Regardless, it's now his magic box.

While I'm on the subject of our crazy critters, I'll fill you in on something Emerson has recently figured out.

We were outside, walking the property, when he {as usual} picked up a piece of landscape mulch to chew on.  I told him to drop it and he clenched his teeth and tried swallowing.  This is typical so I can't take whatever he's got in his mouth.  Instead of doing the usual - prying his jaws open and removing the bark, I decided to offer him a cookie if he would drop it.

It worked!

It worked so well that he now picks up anything, stares up at me until I make eye contact, drops whatever he has and hopes for another cookie.

After one time!!
The boy is obsessed with food.

I no longer offer him a cookie to drop things because it, well, backfired into him picking up everything, but he still holds out hope that the cookie trade will happen again.

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Linn Acres Farm said...

Aw, I loved hearing their two stories. How cute :)

sophie said...

We are huge animal lovers and have had two food obsessed golden retrievers. Gus would do exactly what emerson learned with dropping the non edible. BUT, i have fallen in love with Jack. I love that he does a happy dance when new food comes in the house. When you wrote that he stares into his magic box of food, how could one not just be endeared to him!!! BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART.
Gus' Mom

daisy g said...

Those boys have got you trained, haven't they? ;0) Such smart cookies!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Megan. :)

Aww...thanks so much Sophie! Jack is really quite a guy and we love his antics. Even when he stalks us in the evenings if his food bowl is empty. :)

Daisy they have indeed!

Liz said...

Oh Jack, he makes me laugh! My parents stayed with the dogs one weekend. When we came home I noticed their treat jar was empty. I asked my mom how they went through that many treats. She said everytime they came back in they would sit there and want a treat. Then she said I though they went in and out quite a bit. Smart dogs, tricking grandma!