Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Barani Farm Nature Photography/Our Neck Of The Woods Blog

Tammy is the owner of both the Our Neck of The Woods blog and Barani Farm Nature Photography Shop on Etsy.  Her blog is a great resource for homesteading/homemade living which she captures in beautiful photographs, some of which are available for purchase in her shop.

Here's a little more about her, in her own words.
*All photos in this post are taken by Tammy*

1.  How did you decide to start your blog?
When we moved out to our homestead in May 2011, I was so thrilled with our new lifestyle that I wanted to show everyone how great homesteading can be! Our family and friends thought we were crazy to want to leave the city and move to the country in the middle of nowhere (and 35 miles from town), so I also wanted to prove them wrong and show why we loved our new lifestyle. Now when we have visitors out, they never want to leave! I thought it was important to show others that no matter what your dream is, you have to go for it. We don't know how many days we will get on this Earth, so if there is something you are passionate about, you have to take action right now. Don't let your dreams pass you by.
2.  How do you come up with ideas for your posts?
Mostly my ideas come from my photos. I like to spend time observing and taking photos of what catches my eye, and if I get some good shots my posts evolve from that. Occasionally I will think of a post before taking photos (like my food posts) but for the most part they all spring from a good photo.

3.  What inspired you to start selling your photography?
There is always something to buy or fix around the homestead, so I thought if I could pull in any extra income that it would be helpful. I already had quite a few photos that I had taken over the past year, so I thought I would start my shop and just see what happens. I've sold a few prints so far and it has been very exciting! The fact that someone out there has a photo of mine in their home makes me feel so proud.
4.  What advice would you give to those who want to improve their own photography skills?
If you don't know the technical aspects of photography (like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, exposure) I would suggest reading up on that. You don't have to have a fancy camera at first, but if you do get really into photography, at some point you will outgrow your current camera. I upgraded from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR (Nikon D3100) two years ago and it drastically improved my photography. Being able to have ultimate control over your shots is what can turn a good photo into a great one. I am self taught, so anytime I have a question I just search for the answer online. There are plenty of free resources out there! The most important thing is just practice, practice, practice. You have to get to know your camera and lens and how they perform under certain circumstances. That will help a lot in getting a good photo quickly without fussing with your settings. And feel free to ask me any questions - I love to talk photography!
Thanks so much Tammy!

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Lisa Tucker said...

I am a follower of Tammys and I think she is great! I love her photography and her blog. Her animals are just precious! Great feature for you blog...which I also love...:)

Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts said...

I love Tammy, and her blog! She has been a big inspiration to me in several areas... Blogging, photography, chickens... the list goes on!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Lisa and Kris. She's a great person with a lot of talent!! :)

daisy g said...

Tammy is a fabulous and generous soul. I wish her all the best with her photography business!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Thank you Staci for giving me a spotlight, and thank you everyone for your kind words! I really appreciate it :)

born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

Beautiful photography from a talented eye!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

You are very welcome Tammy. Daisy and Jackie, I agree. :)