Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Jackie From Born Imaginative

Jackie is the owner of the blog Born Imaginative and the Etsy Store of the same name.  Her blog offers incredible advice on homemade and homegrown living with kids.  She shares amazing recipes, beautiful photos of her incredible farm in Maine, gardening and homesteading tips, craft instructions and more, all written in such an inspiring way that tugs at your heartstrings.  Not to mention that her Etsy shop is full of adorable creations known as "hennies".

Here's a little more about Jackie, in her own words.
*All photos in this post are taken by Jackie*

How did you make the decision to start blogging?  
A couple of friends encouraged me to start a blog when my son was a tiny baby to keep track of the toys I was making him.  I decided to keep a blog as a way to journal our lives.  My mom passed away when I was a teenager and left a whole suitcase filled with scraps of paper with memories and photographs.  She meant to record more than she was able. I hope I get to watch my kids grow up, but if I am not able, I will leave them with recorded memories. 

How do you come up with ideas for your posts?  
My posts are inspired by the good in life, simple country pleasure, handmades, homegrown and home cooked. Inspiration comes from that which makes my heart warm, makes me smile and makes my life feel full. I do not create specifically for the blog. I just do what I would be doing whether or not this blog existed or not and use the blog as my journal. I do share patterns and recipe in case others want to create something similar.  I am thankful for my readers, as we find ourselves in similar mindsets, enjoy similar pleasures, are inspired by creations and smile big over simple joys.

You are such a creative person, do you have advice for others who would like to be more creative? 
I think everyone is creative, but creative in different ways.  Finding a niche, carving out a little time to create and a 'can do' attitude can lead to oodles of wondrous creations.

What inspires you?  
Life inspires me. There's so much goodness in the world.  Such goodness can be easily clouded by media and negative influences, but there really is more goodness in this world than the opposite.  Blocking media and keeping our life as simple as possible helps me keep my world colored cheerful. I am fortunate to be surrounded by good people, a wonderful family, animals, lots of wide open farmland, the ocean and trails through the woods.  Simplicity certainly helps with keeping my mind uncluttered and gives room for inspiration. 

How do you keep yourself motivated to write blog posts and avoid burnout? 
I do what I love. Because I love to blog and look forward to recording our memories, I blog daily.  Writing helps me remember that which was good in the day. Sparing a few moments everyday to remember that which was good in my day helps keep me grounded and focused on what I want out of life.

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?  What types of things do you make and sell?  
I love simple toys that promote creative play and pretending.  I love when children treasure handmades. Since creating toys isn't for everyone, I decided I'd create a little extra, keep prices low and spread the love of handmades through an etsy store.  I have oodles of Hennies (chickens for little farmers) on the blog now.  I have some tails (for little children to wear) ready for the shop and some aprons for aspiring bakers.  My focus lately is the Hennies, though.  A little chicken with a nesting box, wooden egg and woolen hay has led to hours of fun with my littles.  I have other ideas I'm tossing around in my head, I suspect my listings will expand once said ideas come to fruition.

Thanks so much Jackie!

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