Giveaway Winners!

As you know, the Coop Girls are the only one's around here who have the privilege of choosing our giveaway winners.  And this time was no different.

First, however, to answer the question:  Why is November 2, 2013 an important date for Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary?

Some of the answers that were incorrect:

  • not our wedding anniversary - that's in August
  • not when the Coop Girls started their own chicken union - they are still working on that Paige.....
  • not when I started the blog - that was in 2009
  • not when we started homesteading - that was also in 2009
  • not when we bought the property - that was in 2008
  • not when we started the business - that was in July 2013
  • and definitely not when I stopped biting my nails {thank you for the vote of confidence though DeMarie!} - that has yet to happen
Instead, it's when we officially became a business - our business license, our first show and our first wholesale account all happened on that day!!  

Remember - you did not have to have a correct answer to win.

Now, on to the giveaway selection.

Out to the coop I went - me and my basket of names.

I tried to entice a few of the girls by making it seem I had something yummy.
They know better than that.

Allie, being the girl in charge, took the first look at the basket.
She's a bit uncomfortable with my photographing her right now.
She's molting, you see.
Not how a girl wants to look in pictures.
Regardless, she was kind enough to delicately select the first winner.

Kelly decided that eating the pumpkin was more enjoyable than pecking at papers.
She passed on the opportunity to select.

Betty checked it out but decided that maybe one of the newer girls should pick the second winner.
She stepped aside so that Caylie could choose....

Caylie swooped in, grabbed a name, and ran so fast I couldn't get the camera to focus.
Luckily, she dropped it a second later so I didn't have to figure out who it was she selected.

Congratulations to........
Big Allie's selection was Kari Smith
Caylie's selection was Danielle Hawkins

Congratulations to you both!!

You can email me at

Stay tuned for more giveaways!

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gypsyelves said...

I love it that the girls get to pick the winners! All part of the family!