our purchase from Saturday's craft show - new mugs!  Perfect to enjoy coffee while wrapping soap.  :)

my purchase from Sunday's farmer's market
Sunday's Spa City Farmer's Market
some of our products!

giveaway time!!
This will be a short post.  It's been a crazy weekend for us as the Farmer's Markets, Craft Shows, and online orders pick up.  This weekend we had a craft show on Saturday and our Winter farmer's market on Sunday.  Friday night {well, Saturday morning} we went to bed at 3a.m. and got up at 6a.m. to pack everything up and take off.  We were packaging, mixing, etc. up until bedtime.  Saturday night we had a lot of soap to wrap but, thankfully, were able to get a bit more sleep.

We had 2 great days of meeting new people, seeing repeat customers and talking to some really nice fellow-vendors.

Of course, when you go to craft shows and farmer's markets you can't go home without buying something, can you?  That was my justification to my husband.  :)  We bought 2 new handmade mugs at the craft show.  On Sunday, in addition to milk and other goodies I bought a handcrafted basket that I adore.  I have no idea what purpose it will serve, but I love it.

We brought back our salves and balms which were very popular in addition to the lotions, soap and deodorant.  We sold a ton of soap.  So happy that so many people adored the scent.  Many told us they had no intention to buy, just to stop and smell, and the next thing you know we were bagging up three or six bars for them.   We are so grateful for such a wonderful weekend.

We have 11 new Coop Girls added this week.  I have no photos of them - not even one.  I'm going to try to photograph them this week and I'll share them.  They are a mix of different breeds and are just adorable.  They will hopefully add many yummy eggs.

And last but certainly not least, we have another giveaway!!  We are giving away 2 sets of the what you see in the last photo above:  an Oats, Goats and Honey bar of soap, a Breathe Easy Balm {natural vapor rub}, a Drawing Salve, a Head-to-Toe Salve and a Lavender Honey Lip Balm.  The perfect start to winter!

Leave an answer to this question in the comment section of this post to be entered:  Why is November 2, 2013 an important date for Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary?  {if you've guessed that it's the day after the V.P's Birthday, a.k.a. my husband, you are correct, but not the answer we were looking for}.

You don't have to get the answer correct to win.

Contest is open until 8p.m. e.s.t on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

You have 2 more ways to enter:

  1. leave a guess on the giveaway post of our Facebook page
  2. leave a guess on the giveaway post of our Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary Facebook page
Good luck!!

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"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Love the basket! Can't wait to see the new chicks, I bet they are adorable!

FulMel said...

It was your one-year anniversary of starting your Cobble Hill Farm business?

Melissa Fulford

DeMarie said...

It's the day you made your first bar of soap or the last day you bit your nails!! ;-)

Lauren Ann said...

Is it when you opened your shop?

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

Is Nov. 2 the day you decided to offer more products than just soap?
I love your blog!

Kari said...

Is it your wedding anniversary?

Debra Beeuwsaert said...

It's the day you opened up the Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary.

Paige said...

Can I give two guesses? Is that legal? :)
Guess #1: On November 2, 2013 the Coop Girls decided to start their chicken Union. 😊 (silly guess)
Guess #2: On November 2, 2013 you started your shop. (Serious guess)

Shirley Elliott said...

I don't know the correct answer (so sorry) - unless it's a blogging anniversary. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. (shirparks@gmail.com)

gypsyelves said...

Was that when you were asked to be in a magazine, and your business was beginning to take off? You have done a wonderful job with your business, good luck in the future! Thanks for all the giveaways, it's always fun to enter!

daisy g said...

You are certainly having well-deserved success at the markets! I can't blame you one bit for buying those beautiful things.

Not entering, as I've won before, just wanted to chime in! ;0D

Flickenstichlerin said...

I would guess hat is the date you started the Cooble Hill Farm Apothecare.
Greetings Sylvia

distracted said...

Could it be that you paid off your mortgage?
Really I have no idea..

Manda said...

I would guess anniversary to the blog.

Crystal Koelzer said...

Is it the day you bought the farm?

Kim said...

Is it the day you started your wonderful business?

Kim J

Julie said...

Your blog is one years old? thanks for the giveaway

Mary said...

Love the mugs and the market basket! I've been looking for new mugs, too. Want something large that will go with my red Fiesta plates. Found the perfect thing when we were on vacation in WA, but at 90 dollars a mug, it wasn't going to happen. Need to order from you soon. Getting to the bottom of my deodorant. Also, really loved the soap and want to order more of those for Christmas gifts.