Thanking Little Lizzie

A Happy Allie

As you know, we lost Coop Girl Little Lizzie this year.  She was our mascot, of sorts, always in a hurry, always in everyone's business, always telling us, the people of the property, how it was going to be, and a chicken foodie if there ever was one.

Lizzie and Big Allie are girls who are all about the carbs.  While the chickens typically get carbs a few days a week, their daily leftovers  are most often veggie scraps, dairy and/or fruit.  When carbs were brought out into the coop, Lizzie and Allie would chirp and chat up a storm.  They would excitedly chat while pounding down the groceries.

This week has been a good week for chicken foodie Allie.  She has been the happy recipient of leftover carbs daily.  Daily!  The girl doesn't even know what to do with herself she's so ecstatic.

While the other Coop Girls appreciate carbs, Allie LOVES carbs.  We figure she's out there saying "thank you" to Little Lizzie who's looking down on her.  Thanking her for getting the cooks straightened out {anyone who is lucky enough to have chickens knows that the people are not the boss, just the cooks and cleaners - the chickens are truly the ones in charge}.

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Rebecca Anne said...

I started introducing more carbs into my coops diet. i have a couple of girls that are like Allie. I also have a couple that re into every kind of food and race to the fence line to get their goodies.

Michaele said...

Chickens are so delightful and so very thankful for all the little things.