A Day of Rest

Oliver and Emerson getting ready for the day of rest
Because our inventory is depleted {hooray for that!}, Jay spent all of Monday and today getting products made and prepped for the Sunday market after Christmas.  Our goal is to take Christmas and the Saturday that follows it off.  I think the dogs will be pretty darned excited about that goal as they love the opportunity to sit in our laps and just be.  We haven't had many moments like that lately.

So, we are stocked up on eggnog and cocoa, enough soup is currently simmering in the crockpot to give us lunches for 2 days, and I'll make oatmeal bread and dutch apple pie, my contribution to the Christmas meal, during the day on Christmas while my mom is generous enough to make the rest.  The Coop Girls will be out in the garden as the soil is still loose enough to turn easily.  They are girls on a mission when there's the opportunity for bugs.  And the dogs and cats will join us for our Christmas movie marathon.  I'm pretty excited that I may be able to crack open a book or two as well!

Fingers crossed we'll do this all over again next week {taking Friday and Saturday off}, but next week I look forward to a bit of cleaning and organizing amidst the rest.

The weather will continue to test our patience as we go from rainy 40's to sunny 60's and back to 40's again.  I feel as though we will get hammered when winter finally does arrive.......

I hope you are also enjoying the last couple weeks of 2015!

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daisy g said...

Soup and a movie marathon sounds mighty good! Lord knows y'all deserve some time off!
Wishing you the best in 2016! I have a feeling it's gonna be a banner year for both of us!