Simple Pleasures

The smell of yeast, the feel of soft yet supple dough in my hands is one of my simple pleasures.  Making homemade bread in the fall and winter is similar, for me, to working in the garden in the spring and summer.  Only my hands are full of kneading dough rather than working soil.

It's the work of transformation.

It's a time where I can clear my mind rather than getting lost in my thoughts.  A meditation of sorts.  A time where my thoughts can go quiet and I can focus on and enjoy the task at hand.  Sure, there's work to be done - a home to clean, boxes to pack and ship, products to make, etc.  But instead I take a deep breath and slowly and methodically work my hands through the soft ball on my counter.

Everything else can wait.

What are your simple pleasures?


daisy g said...

There's really nothing like making your own bread from scratch. All the senses are delighted, all at once.
So many simple pleasures. One is sitting in my easy chair with a warm blanket, a good book and hearing the rain falling outside.

Phil Pogson said...

I agree - not only a meditation but some sort of connection to all our forebears who have done the same for centuries.

Darlene Thomas said...

Setting on the deck with a cup of caramel coffee and a slice of homemade toast with real butter watching the sun coming up-you just know it's going to be a good day!