This And That....

I'm currently working on formulating shampoo bars AND a couple of special new soaps!!  More about that coming soon.

Despite the colder temps, egg production is up.

Some of the veggie seeds are finally ordered!!  A bit later than I'd hoped for, but at least they are ordered.  I'm shooting for growing 70% of our vegetables again.  We shall see!

Chicks have been ordered - both egg layers and meat birds.  We're continuing with the Cornish Cross for the meat birds and adding more Americauna, Barred Rocks and a couple of Maran's for egg laying.

And lastly, I am told that the chandelier I have now owned for 7 months, that has been on the "honey do" list for approximately 6 3/4 months {but who's counting.....} may actually get hung in the dining room this week.  So happy!

A productive week indeed!


Amber said...

Your soap all lined up in a row like that looks so pretty. I'm impressed that you have already ordered your seeds and chicks. I won't do that until the beginning of April. We can't even plant anything until at least mid-May and even that's taking a chance with the frost. I am dreaming about my gardens though! We're also planning on getting some meat chickens this year. I really dislike butchering, but we do eat a lot of chicken and I'd love to eat chicken that I know what treated humanely while it was alive.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Wish I had one-third of your energy and ambition. You go, Girl! Gorgeous pics.. particularly fond of that egg line-up! Have a great remainder to your week.

daisy g said...

Whoo-hoo! All good things are coming your way! So happy for you. We will get to see the chandelier, right? Go J! ;0D

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Amber - thank you! Have you looked into seeing if you can find a local chicken processor?

Tammy and Daisy - thank you!