Fall Is Almost Over?

Is it possible that fall is almost over?  Temp's here are in the upper 60's and low 70's so you'd never know that it's the end of October.  This just doesn't usually happen!  Even the leaf peepers were likely disappointed this year........it was so warm that the leaves just kind of crumbled off of the trees.  Although they were pretty, there didn't seem to be the same brilliance of color that is typical in this area.

To celebrate the warmer temps, I dressed the boys up in sweaters and took photos for this year's Christmas card.  I tried to sell it to them by explaining that they wouldn't even be chilly!!  They still hated it. They are not fans of sweaters and not fans of the camera......

Regardless, I think they look handsome!

Hoping your fall is marvelous!!


daisy gurl said...

Your boys do indeed look quite striking!
Have a productive week!

Carol Williams said...

Yes, all of my dog sweaters (I have a variety of dogs, even though I am not actually a lover of dogs-- it's a long story, but I digress) have chewed up collars where they tried to tear them off. Only my sister-in-law was successful in getting her very tiny dog to keep clothes on and not maul them.

I did see a Halloween costume the other day for either a small dog or a cat, and it just strapped on their back and velcroed (sp?) underneath. It was dark green, with a rectangular white poof, and then a pink shrimp. It made them, in essence, a sushi roll. Ha ha!!

Well you are certainly on the ball, taking your Christmas photo already. Ugh. Another thing to do!!