$60.00 A Week Grocery Budget

What if you could reduce your weekly grocery budget to $60.00 a week and still eat real {wholesome} food?

That's the challenge we've set for ourselves.

When we were newly married I'll be honest, I did not think about budgeting our grocery shopping at all.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think back to how much I spent {wasted} on food for years because I didn't think ahead to meal plan and/or to shop what was on sale.  I did try the couponing thing for a while and it didn't work out well for me.  First, we don't eat most of the products you find coupons for.  Second, if you aren't pairing the coupons with store sales, often times it's not that much of a savings.  Third, it seemed time consuming.

What I've since learned is that coupons combined with meal planning and store sale shopping is a great combination and the perfect way to trim down our grocery budget.  That paired with growing many of our own veggies results in a win-win.

Since we've recently become a one-income household as we attempt to get our business off the ground, it's been a challenge to look at cutting down expenses.  It's downright scary at times.  We decided to take a look at what we spend our money on and try to cut where there's flexibility.  The grocery budget is one of those areas.

But we don't want to sacrifice. 

Part of cutting the grocery budget means we'll need to make more food from scratch AND grow some of it ourselves.  We had been really good at this up until about 2 years ago when we attempted juggling 60+ hour workweeks with starting up a business.  Unfortunately, we couldn't do it all and had started getting out of the habit of pre-planning meals, making things from scratch, and growing what we can.

As part of this challenge I'll share with you what our weekly meal plan looks like including links to recipes, what items I'll be prepping ahead of time either monthly and/or weekly, and what our total food costs were.

We hope you'll follow along and share your own tips, tricks, struggles and successes.

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Grantham Lynn said...

Oh goodness. Did you make your pasta? I'm making my own pizza now.
I want to make pasta! Homemade is soooo much better.
I'm lovin' visiting you!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Yes I do make our pasta when I can!! It is delicious {and freezes well too!!}.

montana happy said...

I just started my $50 grocery/cleaning supply/personal product budget per week for mostly organic. Here we go - that pasta looks to yummy!

christyjames said...

Thanks. This is super helpful. I was trying to figure out which grocery stores had the best quality of fresh pasta and veggies.
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