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Bobbie said...

I was browsing your craft section and see you have instructions for hand soap. I want to make hand soap for Christmas baskets.
What preservative(s) do you use for the soaps you sell? I have no desire to sell soap, but want to make the soaps now (January/February, 2016) to add to my homemade gift baskets I'm making for this coming Christmas (for family and friends only). With the weather being too cold for me to go outside, I'd like to make the soaps now. I'm new to this area but did locate the nearest library. Following your lead, I'll search for a book on how to make soap. Searching on the computer is a little intimidating to me, but if you gave me a link address, I could figure it out.
I LOVE your blog and am a regular follower.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Bobbie - I just sent you an email. We don't use a preservative for our cold-process soap. It should last just fine for a year. The only risk you take is that the scent may fade. Depends on the type of scent {citrus, for instance, fades fast}, but it could last for just a couple of months to over a year. As far as a good soapmaking book goes, I just love the Soap Crafting book from the sight. That one is available now and she is releasing a new book in the next month or two - can't wait!
Hope this helps!!